Scilicet – the journal of the EFP; The first issue of the review Scilicet, under the direction of Jacques Lacan, appeared in May, 1968, from Seuil, the same publisher that two years earlier had brought out his Écrits. Just seven issues would appear in all, counting two double numbers (2/3 and 6/7), over the next eight years.
Ornicar? – The journal Ornicar? subtitled Bulletin périodique du champ Freudien (Journal of the Freudian field) was founded in January 1975 by Jacques-Alain Miller, Jacques Lacan’s son-in-law. Ornicar? is also the journal of the Department of the Freudian Field at the University of Vincennes, which was founded by Serge Leclaire in 1968 and was led and directed by Lacan and Miller from 1970.  There was a digital online version of Ornicar? In all the languages of the WAP from 1998-1999.  From the start, Miller, who was entrusted with the transcription of Lacan’s seminars, used Ornicar? as a venue for publishing the current seminar sessions. With the publication in no. 9 of a talk that Lacan delivered on January 5, 1977, “The Inauguration of the Clinical Program,” Ornicar? also became a vehicle for elaborating Lacan’s clinical technique. From January 1975 to June 1989, twenty-eight issues of Ornicar? were published under Miller’s editorship. After Lacan’s death in 1981, Miller began to publish some of Lacan’s unpublished writings in Ornicar? (nos. 24-25), starting with the seven lectures on Hamlet from seminar VI.
Psychoanalytical Notebooks (published by London Society of the NLS; print journal with selected online papers; (Contains testimonies of the pass)       Sample:  Psychoanalytical Notebooks 22, 2011
    Jacques-Alain Miller – Transference, Repetition and Sexual Real
    Dominique Laurent – What is Called Sex…
   Sonia Chiriaco – The Joke
    Jacques-Alain Miller – Marginalia to ‘Constructions in Analysis’
    Philippe de Georges – Construction of the Case
    Eric Laurent – The Case, from Unease to the Lie
    Pierre Naveau – Desire or Care
    Daniel Roy – Rosa Doesn’t Sleep
    Jacques-Alain Miller – From the Neurone to the Knot
    Nathalie Jaudel – Are You Neurophile or Neurosceptic?
JCFAR – published by the Centre for Freudian Analysis and Research; London.
Sample: JCFAR Issue No.20, 2011
Lucia Corti – Mourning the Disappeared
Kenneth Theron – Substance Addiction and the Question of a Cure
Werner Prall  – The Hour of Truth: Accounting and Auditing in (and of) Psychoanalysis
Derek Hook – Power and das Ding: Sublimation as Political Factor
Calum Neill – Eating the Book: On the Centrality of Sublimation and Knowledge in Lacan’s
Sam Palmer – On Freudian Constructions
    Christos Tombras – Analysis Terminable and Interminable: A Summary
Susan Morris – Drawing a Blank
Hétérité – Journal of the Internationale des Forums du Champ lacanien, online
Revue du Champ lacanien – journal of  EPFCL, in French.  Many other journals and
    publications are on the website.
Lacanian Ink (New York) (Josefina Ayerza) (paper journal; online excerpts; (presents papers from the seminar of J.-A. Miller)                                                      Sample: Lacanian Ink 38  Fall, 2011 – There is no sexual relation
    The Economics of Jouissance  by Jacques-Alain Miller
    Chapter 8 – Women and Families  by Alain Badiou
    Moments in a Love Story  by Marie Hélène Brousse
    Feminine Jouissance  by Éric Laurent
    The Child as Object   by Pierre-Gilles Guéguen
    Persistent Trait  by Lila Zemborain/Martin Reyna
    Eating Alone in the Byways of Smithson  by Cathy Lebowitz
    The Grandmother’s Voice  by Slavoj Zizek
    Martin Kippenberger  CL interviews JA
WAP Letter for Europe (online newsletter of the WAP
Lacanian Praxis: International Quarterly of Applied Psychoanalysis (online journal published
     by the WAP;
Mental (published by NLS; French print journal and English online journal;
Almanac of Psychoanalysis (published by the Israel society of the NLS; print journal;
International Lacanian Review (online journal published by Jacques-Alain Miller)
Lacanian compass (published by WAP; newsletter of Lacanian activities in the U.S.; for free
L’Ordre des Psychologues du Québec (OPQ) (journal of GIFRIC and the EFQ)
The Letter (Irish Journal for Lacanian Psychoanalyis is owned by The School of Psychotherapy at
       St. Vincent’s University Hospital, Dublin)
Hurly-Burly (print journal; The London Society of the NLS) (The International Lacanian Journal
       of Psychoanalysis)(Pierre-Gilles Guéguen)
The Symptom – online journal at  (New York)(Josefina Ayerza)
(Re)-turn: A Journal of Lacanian Studies
       Ellie Ragland
Journal European Psychoanalysis
Journal for Lacanian Studies (paper journal published by Karnac Books, with select online
Analysis (Australian Centre for Psychoanalysis)
ERR – online journal of the APW ;
Revista Litoral – journal of the École Lacanienne de Psychanalyse
Espace analytique – online journal of the Association de Formations Psychanalytique et de
      Recherches freudiennes (associated with Convergencia)
Almanac of Psychoanalysis (published by the Israel Society of the NLS; print journal):
      information available from Yotvat Oxman, Editor,
The O(barred)ther: the online journal of the San Francisco Society of Lacanian Studies
Video Seminars – WAP in the U.S. (The Lacanian Compass – Tom Svolos)
Lacan Quotidien – an almost daily online newsletter/discussion forum, in French, beginning
      August 18, 2011, edited by Judith Miller, in honour of the 30 anniversary of her father’s
      death.  Some English translations.

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