Timeline of Meetings, Organizations and Lacan’s Life

 “On the Imaginary”; 11th Annual Conference of Affiliated Psychoanalytic Workgroups; Boston, Mass.; October 11-13, 2013.

SPF (Colette Soler) English-Speaking Seminar: “The Name of the Father and Fathers”; July 6-7, 2013. Paris, France.

Second European Congress of Psychoanalysis (PIPOL 6): “After Oedipus: The Diversity of Psychoanalytic Practice in Europe”; July 6 and 7, 2013; Brussels, Belgium. Simultaneous translation : French, English, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Flemish.

The NLS Symposium: “What Lacan Knew about Women”; May 31-June 2, 2013; Miami Beach, Florida.

XIth NLS Congress: “Psychoanalysis and the Psychotic Subject: From Forced Invention to Belief in the Symptom”; May 18-19, 2013, Athens, Greece.
The First Franco-American Conference organized by Association de psychanalyse Encore and Après-Coup Psychoanalytic Association: “The Wanderings of Transmission”; November 24–25, 2012; Paris, France

PARIS-USA LACAN SEMINAR: “How We Live Our Bodies in the 21st Century: A Lacanian perspective”; November 2-4, 2012; NYC; CANCELLED BECAUSE OF BAD WEATHER – SUPERSTORM SANDY

 “On Madness”; 10th Annual Conference of Affiliated Psychoanalytic Workgroups; St. Louis, Missouri; October 5-7, 2012.  APW is on Twitter @APW_tweets

WAP-AMP 8th Congress – Buenos Aires, Argentina – “The Symbolic Order in the 21st Century”

NLS – 9th Congress Tel Aviv, Israel – June 16-17, 2012. “Reading a Symptom”

Forums du Champ lacanien – Colette Soler – “Que répond le psychanalyst? éthique et clinique” Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; “Le psychanalyste et l’autiste” Paris; and “Les symptômes, les affects et l’inconscient” December 1-2, 2012 – Paris

APW 1. “The Art of Madness” in New York City (co-sponsored by the Philadelphia Lacan Study Group);
2. “Lacan’s Seminar XXII: R.S.I.” in Dublin, Ireland (co-sponsored by Association for Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy in Ireland;
and 3. “Madness” in St. Louis, MO

CSD6 “The Psychoanalytic Act in the 21st Century”, New York City

U.S. NLS Clinical Study Days 5 – Miami, Florida – “Reading the Unconscious”
PULSE 4th meeting – London, England – “The Clinic of the Object”
NLS 9th Congress – London, England – “How Psychoanalysis Works”
PIPOL 5 (Eurofederation of Psychoanalysis) “Does Mental Health Exist?” – Brussels, Belgium
Champ lacanien – English-Speaking Seminar – Colette Soler, Bruce Fink – Washington, DC – Seminar XVII – “The Place of Affects”
NLS PULSE (Paris-U.S.) 5th – New York City; Eric Laurent, Pierre Gilles Gueguen, Marie-Helene Brousse, Jean Pieere Klotz, Maria-Cristine Aguirre, Alicia Arenas – “Lacan’s Legacy”
ECF 41èmes Journées de l’ECF Paris “Praxis lacanienne de la Psychanalyse”; www.causefreudienne.net/
EPFCL Paris – “L’analyse, ses fins, ses suites” – 3ème Rencontre Internationale d’École
APW “Jacques Lacan’s Seminar XXIV: Love is the Failure of the Unbewoops” (L’insu que sait de l’une-bévue, s’aile à mourre) Bruce Fink – Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, PA
Convergencia/Après-Coup “Act and Transmission: On Formation in Psychoanalysis”, New York City
2010 NLS 8th Congress – Geneva, Switzerland – “Daughter, Mother, Woman in the 21st Century”
WAP-AMP 7th Congress – Paris, France – “Semblants and Sinthomes”
Champ lacanien – French-Speaking Seminar (with translation) Colette Soler – Rome, Italy – “The Mystery of the Speaking Body”
APW 9th Annual conference – “The Ends of Analysis” – San Francisco, California
2009 NLS 7th Congress – Paris, France – “Lacanian Interpretation”
U.S. NLS CSD 4 New York City – “Interpretation in Psychoanalysis”; Pierre-Gilles Guéguen: “Semblant and Phallus”
Champ lacanien – English-Speaking Seminar, Paris, France; Colette Soler, Bruce Fink – “Sexual Identity and the Unconscious”
PIPOL 4 Barcelona Meeting of Européenne du Champ freudien “Clinic and pragmatics of Disinsertion”
2008 WAP-AMP Buenos Aires; 6th Congress  – “The object a in Psychoanalytic Experience”
U.S. NLS CSD 3 – Omaha, Nebraska – “The Object in Psychoanalysis”
APW – 8th Annual Conference Philadelphia – “On Love” – Bruce Fink, Colette Soler, Patricia Gherovici.
2007 U.S. NLS Clinical Study Days 2 Miami Beach – “Psychic Suffering and the Treatment Challenges in the Postmodern World”; Marie-Hélène Brousse.
Champ lacanien – English-Speaking Seminar Paris Colette Soler, Bruce Fink . “Anxiety: the Affect of the Real”
PIPOL 3 Européenne du Champ freudien Study Days: “Psychoanalysis in Close Touch with the Social” (Applied Psychoanalysis)
2006 NLS 4th Congress – Paris, France – “Paternity or Fatherhood”
WAP-AMP Rome; 5th Congress – “The Name of the Father: Doing Without, Making Use of”; “The end and the beginning of psychoanalysis.” Schools of the WAP-AMP (CPCT’S Psychoanalytic Centres of Consultation and Treatment)
APW 7th annual conference – “On Addiction” Georgia.
2005 U.S. New Lacanian Schools (NLS) Clinical Study Days 1 – New York City – “The Body in Psychoanalysis”
CPCT, the Psychoanalytic Center of Consultation and Treatment, shorter term treatments and in institutions, rue Chabrol, Paris.
Jacques-Alain Miller started lecturing on the “late Lacan” in Autumn 2004. This culminated in 2007-08 with his series of lectures at Paris VIII University entitled: “Tout le monde est fou”, as remarked on by Lacan in 1976 in Ornicar? No. 17-18.
2004 WAP-AMP Congress 4th Comandatuba – Bahia, Brazil. “Lacanian Practice: Without Standards but Not Without Principles”; “A Fantasy” by Jacques-Alain Miller.
APW – “Working with the Symptom” – Omaha, Nebraska
2003 APW – “Fundamental Fantasies: Écrits and After” – Pittsburgh, PA
New Lacanian Schools formed in May; 1st Congress – Bruges, Belgium
2002 WAP-AMP 3rd Congress
APW – “The Symptom” – Buffalo, NY
2001-2002 “Parisian conversations”
2001 École de la Cause (Champ) freudienne (ECF) Study Days. AE’s (Analysts of the École) are invited to testify.
Fédération des Associations des Forums du Champ lacanien, a créé son École en Décembre 2001 (EPFCL)
APW – “On Obsessional Neurosis” – Albany, N.Y.
2000 WAP-AMP 2nd Congress
APW – “On Reading” – Atlanta, Georgia
Convergencia formed
1999 Formation of L’internationale des forums du champ lacanien (IFCL) Now 1100 members grouped into 7 zones)
U.S. – Allied Psychoanalytic Workshops (APW) first conference – “Feminine Sexuality” – Boston, Mass. Includes “anyone interested in Lacan”.
1998 December Colette Soler’s group separated and became Des Forums du Champ lacanien (“taking the Lacanian Option”).
1998 Ordinary psychosis, category created by Jacques-Alain Miller during a research program of the Clinical Sections of the Freudian Field. About ten years later he wrote an article in which he clarified that the category of ordinary psychosis is to be considered within the span of psychoses. It is a form of psychosis sustained or stabilized by a sinthome (in spite of the existence of the foreclosure of the Name of the Father). Look for it in initial interviews; there is some form of disconnection (débranchement) in three “externalities” in the social field (the link to the Other is loose, wooly, drifting), in the field of the body (vague pains, difficulty with concentration, tattoos or piercings which help the subject tie his body to itself), and in subjectivity (some “identificatory fixity” marking a special relation to the object athat is not dialectizable, not marked by the dimension of the semblant, but rather either a strong identification with the object as waste, or, on the contrary, an extreme form of mannerism against which the subject defends itself.)
WAP-AMP Ist Congress
1997 Dialogue between the President of the WAP and the President of the IPA, in Buenos Aires
1995-96 Miller’s seminar “The Lacanian Orientation”. Miller has taught at least 3 series of seminars, the earliest, starting 1983, the most recent, yearly, from 2001-08.
1992-1995 L’École Freudienne de Québec (GIFRIC) – Willy Apollon; training arm in 1997.
1992, January World Association of Psychoanalysis – Association Mondiale de Psychanalyse (WAP-AMP) formed and headed by Jacques-Alain Miller, in Paris. Now 1553 members world-wide.
1991, September Rencontre Jacques Lacan – Paris Freudian Field Foundation presided by Judith Miller
1989 and 1990 Two PULSE (Paris-US) seminars in Paris in English, one on Seminars I and II, and one on Seminar XI. Involved Jacques-Alain Miller (head of the ECF, Chairman of the Department of Psychoanalysis at the University of Paris VIII, and general editor of all Lacan’s seminars), Americans Bruce Fink, Ellie Ragland, and other members of the ECF who gave papers e.g. Colette Soler, Éric Laurent, François Regnault, Marie-Hélène Brousse, Pierre-Gilles Guéguen, Jean-Pierre Klotz, Antonio Quinet, Anne Dunand, Françoise Gorog, Maire Jaanus, Richard Feldstein, Darian Leader, Vincent Palomera, Leonardo Rodríguez, Russell Grigg. The papers were transcribed from tapes of the conferences and put into the books: Reading Seminars I and II, 1996, and Reading Seminar XI, 1995 (this latter with a preface written by Lacan in 1976)
1987 Après-Coup Psychoanalytic Association formed – Paola Mieli, New York City
1986, May Stockbridge Lacanian Clinical Forum formed – François Peraldi, John Muller, William Richardson, Ess White, Donna Bentolila, Ed Robins.
December – Reunion Lacanamericana formed.
1985 École Lacanienne de Psychanalyse formed of 45 members. By June 2004, there were 161 members, 89 of whom were in Latin America. (Director – Jean-Louis Sous)
1982 Association Freudienne – Charles Melman (Devant l’extension de leur groupe, ils décidèrent le 28 mars 1987 de la transformer en Association Freudienne Internationale. En Octobre 2001, l’Assemblée Générale Extraordinaire, ratifia la proposition de Charles Melman de modifier le nom de l’Association en Association Lacanienne Internationale.)
September 9, 1981 Lacan died.
1981 Lacan established the École de la Cause Freudienne (ECF)
1980, July Lacan visited Caracas, Venezuela: First International Encounter of the Champ Freudien. Lacan dissolved the EFP.
1979 Judith Lacan Miller and Lacan founded the Association de la Fondation du Champ Freudien.
1977 Selection of Écrits published in English.
Opening of the Clinical Section at Vincennes, set up by Lacan, then led by Jacques-Alain Miller
1976 First issue of Ornicar?(“Peut-être à Vincennes…”)
In 1976 Lacan wrote the preface, in English, to the English publication of Seminar XI.  This contains many references to the changes in his theories after 1972.
1974 GIFRIC (Groupe interdisciplinaire freudien de recherche et d’intervention clinique et culturelle) founded in Quebec City, Willy Apollon
1973-4 Seminar XX Encore – the beginning of the “late Lacan”, foreshadowed in Seminars XVIII and XIX. Lacan no longer advocated for the pre-eminence of the Symbolic; he had moved on to the clinic of the Real, semblants, knots, logic of the “not-all”, sinthome, one-by-one.
1969-70 Seminar XVII L’Envers de la Psychanalyse.In 1969, there was another schism — ten of Lacan’s closest followers and friends left to form the Fourth Group (Piera Castoriadis-Aulagnier, Jean-Paul Valabrega, Nathalie Zaltzman). These “Lacanians without Lacan” hoped to preserve what they felt was most important in Lacan’s teachings about psychoanalysis as a science and a calling without having to suffer, as one of them put it, “the agony of watching Lacan himself undermine his own teaching” by increasing rigidity, authoritarianism, and fascination with the mathematization of psychoanalysis. (Sherry Turkle)
1968-9 University of Vincennes set up in response to the student protests. Department of Psychoanalysis in Paris VIII (east side of Paris) was included under the chair of Serge Leclaire until 1970. In time Jacques-Alain Miller became the chair.
1968 First issue of Scilicet; authors to be anonymous; 7 issues ending 1975. {Le premier rôle de « Scilicet » sera donc de mettre à la portée de ces sociétés le travail qui se fait au sein de l’école freudienne de Paris, dont Lacan est le chef …}
1966 French Écrits (Lacan’s written papers and presentations) published.
1964 Lacan founded his own school, the École Freudienne de Paris (EFP); he wanted to stress his continuing adherence to Freud; he searched for new institutional forms and procedures (cartels, the passe).
1963 Lacan had started in September 1963, with a seminar called “The Names of the Father”, but because of “institutional problems”, he stopped and resumed in January 1964 with Seminar XI. That is, in the Fall of 1963, the leadership of the SFP applied to be admitted to the I.P.A. Pressure was put on Lacan to change his practice or stop training analysts if he wanted to be a part of this group. He refused, the IPA accredited individual members of the soon former-SFP, and, according to Jacques-Alain Miller, Seminar XI (The Four Fundamental Concepts of Psychoanalysis), beginning January 1964, was the product of that refusal. This marks a turning point in Lacan’s life and teaching. It represents a break from Freud, the reliance on Freud’s work and conceptualizations. This was the first seminar that Jacques-Alain Miller first attended.
1962-3 Seminar X – Anxiety
1953-4 Seminar I – Freud’s Papers on Technique and the Ego in Psychoanalysis
1953 Lacan (age 52) and some colleagues left the French IPA Institute, the Société Psychanalytique de Paris (SPP), and sought to continue to be accredited by the IPA as a new group, the Société Française de Psychanalyse, but they were refused.
“Function and Field of Speech and Language in Psychoanalysis” – Rome Congress of the Conférences des Psychanalystes de Langue Française
1901, April Lacan born

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