Lacan’s Seminars

READINGS for Seminar VI “Desire and Its Interpretation”
  • Jacques-Alain Miller’s publication of the seminar in French, 2013.
  • Dominique Holvoet “What Cannot be Said: Desire, Fantasy, Real”
 The Argument for the XIIth NLS Congress, 2014, Ghent.
  • Eric Laurent “On the real in a psychoanalysis” The Cyprus Forum of Psychoanalysis
    HURLY-BURLY 10 (December 2013) Ghent 2014 – What Cannot be Said
  • Jacques-Alain Miller “The Other without Other” p.15
  • Jacques-Alain Miller “Presentation of Book VI of the Seminar of Jacques Lacan” p.33
  • Pierre Naveau “Hamlet and Desire” p.48
    READINGS for Seminar VIII – Transference and its Subjective Disparity
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      • Brousse, Marie-Helene (2011) New Disorders: Love in the time of “Everybody sleeps with everybody else,” The knowledge of Christophe Honore (Parts I and II). Translated by Ellie Ragland.
      • Cake, A.D.C. (2009) Lacan’s Psychoanalysis and Plato’s Symposium:
        Desire and the (In)Efficacy of the Signifying Order.
      • Miller, Jacques-Alain (1992) Love’s Labyrinths. Translated by Tom Radigan.
      • Moroncini, Bruno (2007) Jacques Lacan and Plato’s Symposium.
      • Ragland-Sullivan, Ellie (1989) Plato’s Symposium and the Lacanian Theory of Transference: Or, What is Love?
      • Van Pelt, Tamise (2000) A funny thing happened on the way to the Symposium, in The Other Side of Desire: Lacan’s Theory of the Registers.
    READINGS for Seminar XVIII “On a Discourse that would not be a Semblance”(from NYFLAG seminars)
  • Jacques-Alain Miller’s Cover-Notes for Lacan’s Seminar: D’un discours qui ne serait pas du semblant (Paris: Editions du Seuil, October 2006)
  • Texts from Jacques-Alain Miller from his 1991-1992 Seminar: On the Nature of the Semblants, and from other analysts.
  • “Lituraterre” (1972) by Jacques Lacan
  • Brousse, Marie Hélène (2000) What is a woman? Presented at Pont Freudian Conference on Femininity.
  • Brousse, Marie Hélène () A difficulty in the analysis of women: the ravage effected by the relation to the mother. Presented at Melbourne Circle of Lacanian Psychoanalysis 2007:
  • Grigg, Russell (2007) The concept of semblant in Lacan’s teaching.
  • Nusinovici, Valentin (2008) Notes on the semblance. Summer seminar 15/07/2008.
    Clinical Study Days 4, 2009 – New York City – Interpretation in Psychoanalysis
  • Aguirre, Maria Cristina (2009) The object as a semblant
  • Arenas, Alicia (2009) The clinical concept of the semblant
  • Guéguen, Pierre-Gilles (2009) Semblant and phallus
  • Guéguen, Pierre-Gilles (2009) Interpretation according to Lacan
  • Svolos, Thomas (2009) Semblance and psychosis
    Numero 8 – Avril 2010 – Association Mondiale de Psychanalyse
    PAPERS – Bulletin Electronique du Comité d’Action de l’École-Une Version 2009-2010
  • Eric Laurent Editorial
  • Manuel Fernández Blanco Discurso, semblante y destino del síntoma
  • Patrick Montribot Sexe, lettre et semblant
  • Laure Naveau Le voile de la pudeur, les semblants et le réel
  • Philippe La Sagna L’homme et la femme, et la psychanalyse En lisant le Séminaire XVIII de Lacan
  • Vilma Coccoz Ficciones y semblantes
  • Valérie Pera-Guillot “ L’intranquille ”, l’innommable et le sinthome.
    VIIth Congress of the WAP 2010 – Paris, France – Semblants and Sinthomes
  • Brusa, Luisella (2010) The ternary: Name-of the-Father, object a, sinthome.
  • Kruger, Flory (2010) There is no discourse of the sinthome
  • Santiago, Ana Lydia (2010) The semblant and the postiche object
  • Torres, Monica (2010) Semblants and sinthome. WAP site.
  • Yanet, Lizbeth Ahumada (2010) Social bond: semblant and symptom
    Psychoanalytical Notebooks 2010 Issue 20 – “Object a and the Semblant”
  • Attié, Joseph (2010) Melancholia. P. 65.
  • Blancard, Marie-Hélène (2010) The invention of a writing. P.83
  • Brodsky Graciela (2010) Truth and lies. P. 69.
  • Guéguen, Pierre-Gilles (2010) Semblants and fictions in the clinic with children. 17-22.
  • Miller, Jacques-Alain (20 May 1992) On the nature of semblants – Lacanian clinic. 25-39.
  • Santiago, Jésus (2010) Semblantization and Nominalism. P.73.
  • Skriabine Pierre (2010) The ink and the brush – remarks on the particular and the universal. P.91.
  • Stevens, Alexandre (2010) The clinic of the letter. P.97.
  • Tisio, Hebe (2010) The analyst and the semblants. P.77.
    Psychoanalytical Notebooks 2011 Issue 21 – “Femininity”
  • Price, Adrian (2011) Semblants and sinthome in Freud’s ‘Three Lines of Development”. P. 51-63.
  • Johansson-Rosen, Patricia (2011) Woman with postiche. P. 77-81.
    Hurly-Burly March 2011 Issue 5
  • Grigg, Russell (2010) Semblants and the phallus. P.103.
  • Hoornaert, Geert (2010) Womanliness: diffamation, fantasy, semblance. P.93.
    Hurly-Burly May 2013 Issue 9
      Lacan’s Siberiethic.

    • Lacan, Jacques (1971) On a function that is not to be written – Chapter 6 of The Seminar of Jacques Lacan, Book XVIII P. 15.
    • Lacan, Jacques (1971) Lituraterre. P. 29.
    • Miller, Jacques-Alain (2013) L’or à gueule [the gold mouth] of Lituraterre. P. 39.
    • Laurent, Éric (2013) The purloined letter and the Tao of the psychoanalyst. P.51.
    • Laurent, Éric and Jacques-Alain Miller (2013) Communication and belief in Japan. P.78.
    The Later Lacan: An Introduction (Suny Series in Psychoanalysis and Culture) by Veronique Voruz and Bogdan Wolf, State University of New York Press

    Part I – The Letter and the Limits of Interpretation

  • Miller, Jacques-Alain (2007) Interpretation in reverse. 3-9.
  • Guéguen, Pierre-Gilles (2007) Discretion of the analyst in the post-interpretive era. 10-24.
  • Laurent, Éric (2007) The purloined letter and the Toa of the psychoanalyst.